Louis Robichaud

We worked together at «La Maison des contes et légendes» a museum in Lavaltrie, Quebec. The painting was a gift to me to seal a five year friendship. He made a second portrait of me as an ogre diplayed on the museum’s ceiling.

Goulet look-alike !

We share the same name or the same face. The famous hockey player from the Quebec Nordiques, the performance artist and an actor named Christian Bégin.

What makes me unique?

I’m a self-taught musician and sound engineer. I don’t know a thing about musical theory and play only by ear. The Loopman pseudo came from a comment from Micheal Todd, a friend of mine and accomplish guitar player and music teacher.

D.I.Y. and self-taught

I’m a self-taught musician and photographer. This is a way of life, I prefer to learn by myself at my pace.

Norbert St-Onge

Norbert was a friend of mine and my luthier for 10 years. He died in a plane crash in 2019. We worked together on a strat bass project and modified a 1986 Fender Performer Jazz Bass.

The history of
Michel Goulet a.k.a.
The Bass Loopman

My first bass was a Ibanez Rickenbacker copy. As far as I can remember, I always seeked to play originals and jamming with friends. We did some covers just for fun and to impresse friends and family members. Here are some old memories.

Electronic music

Exploring a new music style with Garage Band, soft synths and loops on the side. No bass this time…

The Garage Band Project

Drum, guitar and vocal loops. Just add some bass and effects your ready to go on a dark metal journey.

Paint the sky

A Pop Rock Garage band project made with loops and some voice on 2 tracks.

The power trio with Oli

A rock jam band power trio with Olivier René de Cotret. We did  only two covers from King Crimson. All other pieces were originals inspired by the spirit of the ‘70s.

Jazz-rock vibes with Oli

Improvised and experimental fusion music. Al Berta the first album of Olivier June 2022:

The P.A.K. project

I wrote the project for the C.A.L.Q. and we were chosen for the originality of our approach. This is our photoshoot with Baptiste Grison.

The band

The core of the band is: Jacques Joly, Robert Boucher, Michel Goulet et Pierre Goulet

Purva Anga Karma CD’s

Press Kit and Design

A jam based project with friends. We’ve created Purva Anga to push boundaries of improvisational music. It’s a musical vessel that allows us to create original and unusual sonic atmospheres, leaving quite a bit of room for exploration.  We recorded 72 direct to CD jam sessions in 2 years with some guest musicians.

Michel Goulet: Bass, Bass pedals, GR-20
Pierre Goulet: Drums and voice
Jacques Joly: Voice and Variax Guitar
Robert Boucher: Guitar
Olivier de Cotret: Guitar and soft synth

Acoustic vibes with Robert

Acoustic jam session with Robert and Michel + Purva Anga.


Ambient, warm and cozy music for relaxing.

Acoustic vibes with Robert

Acoustic jam session with Robert and Michel + Purva Anga.

Drum & bass or synth

A rhythm section delight with the two brothers. Some of the tracks are soundcheck.

Music for F.A.I.T.

We made some tracks for theater in L’Assomption.

The frog song «in french»

An original song by Jack about a young boy and a frog. The only french song of Purva Anga.

Purva anga feat.
Michel Amendola

A brief jam session with a talented guitar player. Check is Spotify album Guitar without limits.

The Traffic Jam

Longest piece ever the Purva Anga quatuor, 11m 35sec of pure jam, one shot recording.

Adam Karch first demo «tape»

Circa 2005 live recording direct to cd of this young talented musician and singer.
Visit Adma website at: http://www.adamkarchmusic.com/
Check is last release on Spotify. Every Thing Can Change

Hip Hop song

I wrote lyrics as a ghostwriter for Psykopass, a rapper from Lavaltrie. We performed the song at the 2009 National Holiday.

Simon and The Morgenteler’s

A brief moment in my musical history featuring Simon Lair, bigger than life and self- proclaimed lead singer who took the audience by storm for a Punk Rock evening with me, Daniel, Jacques and Pierre at the drums. Anarchy in Repentigny !

The world of strange

June 24 2006 with Alain Boisvert on sitar. A late collaborator with Purva Anga. Indeed a very strange performance for Quebec's national holiday. Body paint from splashing steel drums with fluorescent paint and black light.

The 70’s peace and love

A great musical influence is the prog era and bands like King Crimson, Gentel Giant, Genesis and Yes. They paved the way for prog bands like Rush, Tool, Porcupine Tree, Puscifer, Perfect Circle and many more.

Now and then

A souvenir from my first show with Marc Jean, André Labonté and Pierre at the drums circa 1977.

Time flies…

«An then one day you find…». Some loops inspired by Pink Floyd. Breathe in 2022, Time’s out, Run and Roger’s pink dog.

Ibanez ATK 200 and 800

«The poor man Musicman». Triple coil pickups give them an extra punch and presence. These 3 basses have been modified with internal Redeemer buffers to transform them in passive low impedance instruments. We put out the preamp and just leave a volume pot. François Beauséjour  Lutherie Quatre Temps is my luthier since 2019. D’addario Strings Prosteel or NYXL. (B-E-A-D) (A-D-G-C) (E-A-D-G)

The «A» bass (A-D-G-C)

This bass is tuned for tapping and chording. D’Addario XL Prosteel EPS170-6 (80-65-45-32).


A power basement trio of teenagers from St-Paul L’Ermite and Repentiny. Our first real band, no cover, only originals.

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